Will Bridging Finance Rise In 2019?

We have previously written about the fact that in 2018 the amount lent by way of bridging finance rose in comparison to the previous year but what are the prospects of a similar thing happening this year?

Well, nobody has a crystal ball and it has to be said that it is something that is difficult to predict especially with the uncertainty of Brexit hovering over the UK at the moment. There is certainly a ready supply of funding options as far as bridging loans go with the likes of the major high street banks being major providers of such funding over the years. Some building societies also provide bridging loans as well as specialist lenders plus the peer-to-peer lending sector.

As long as there continues to be these lenders willing to provide bridging finance and there continues to be individuals and businesses looking for short term funding support then it is quite possible that this lending sector may continue to grow in 2019.

There are no doubt some competitive bridging lending packages out their and there is probably the opportunity for the right applicant to be able to try to negotiate attractive terms i.e. interest rate and fees.

In this respect, you can do what a lot of applicants no doubt do and just get in touch with your bank to apply for bridging finance or you could do your own research to try to find a more competitive lending package.

This could involve you taking up a lot of your valuable time so, instead, why not get in touch with us here at Commercial Mortgage Link. We can then put you in contact with an experienced lending broker who has an extensive panel of closely vetted lenders at their disposal. He or she can discuss your requirements and then do all that he or she can to source you a suitable, competitive bridging loan. So, why not get in touch with us at your earliest convenience. We look forward to hearing from you.

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