Where To Get A High LTV Commercial Mortgage

Here in the UK, there are many providers of commercial mortgages for businesses of varying sizes. They can be used for a variety of purposes such as to buy commercial premises.

The major banks and building societies are popular providers of such finance but some may be somewhat restrictive when it comes to the maximum amount that they will lend based upon the level of security (LTV – Loan To Valuation). Whilst the LTV criteria may well vary between the banks and building societies, the LTV may well be only up to say 75%. This means that a business would have to find the remaining funds elsewhere such as through cash deposits or by the directors injecting their own resources such as by taking a further advance from their residential mortgage lender.

Well, there are other lenders out their that will consider providing as much as 100% LTV if additional security is available.  So, how so you go about sourcing them?

As a director of a business you are probably very busy dealing with the day to day operation of your business and your time may be better spent with that rather than having to devote time to trying to source suitable commercial finance by doing your own research and then contacting various lenders that you may find say through the Internet.

Another option is to get in touch with a specialist commercial mortgage broker that has many years experience in sourcing suitable finance for businesses and has an extensive panel of lenders at their disposal. They will no doubt be familiar with the lending criteria of all the lenders and their product range and will be well placed to assist you. In this respect, why not get in contact with us here at Commercial Mortgage Link and we will put you in touch with such a broker. We look forward to being of assistance and playing our part in helping your business expand.

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