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You are probably aware that there are numerous commercial lending schemes available so it is important that the correct one is chosen to meet the needs of your business. In this respect, in this section of our website, you will find information about a number of lending schemes that we trust you find of benefit.

So, if you are looking to purchase some commercial premises with the help of a commercial mortgage or invest in new machinery supported by a business loan you have started your search in the right place.

Please select a service from the list below for more information.

PayPal Has Lent $10 Billion to Small Businesses

Apparently, PayPal has lent $10 billion to a number of small businesses in a variety of countries around the world over around the last five years. This includes this type of business here in the UK. In that timescale, PayPal has financially supported over 225,000 small businesses by providing over 650,000 loans in certain countries […]


Demand For Finance By Small Businesses Falls In 2018

In the last few days, the British Business Bank’s 2019 Small Business Finance Markets report has been published which makes for interesting reading. It reveals that the demand for external finance from small businesses here in the UK has dropped when comparing 2018 with 2012. In 2018, 36% of small businesses used such finance whereas […]


A Bank and Loan Company Merge To Benefit Microbusinesses

It has recently been announced that the Start Up Loans Company and the British Business Bank merged on the 3rd April 2017. It is hoped that this merger will further benefit microbusinesses that are seeking finance. In a manifesto by the, it said that by 2020 it wanted to make available 75,000 start up loans […]