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You are probably aware that there are numerous commercial lending schemes available so it is important that the correct one is chosen to meet the needs of your business. In this respect, in this section of our website, you will find information about a number of lending schemes that we trust you find of benefit.

So, if you are looking to purchase some commercial premises with the help of a commercial mortgage or invest in new machinery supported by a business loan you have started your search in the right place.

Please select a service from the list below for more information.

How Easy Is It To Obtain A Bridging Loan?

As we referred to in a recent post, there has been a great deal of interest in bridging finance this year. It will be interesting to see if this situation continues as we shortly move into next year. However, just how simple is it to get agreement for a commercial bridging loan? All forms of […]


How Long Should You Arrange Bridging Finance For?

If you are considering selling the premises that you currently operate your business from and purchasing new premises then it would be preferable if you were able to arrange the contemporaneous sale and purchase of them. That is what normally happens but there may be occasions when this is not possible. For instance, the prospective […]


Can You Afford A Commercial Bridging Loan?

Commercial bridging finance is often taken out by a business to unblock a chain so that it can complete on the purchase of its new premises because there has been a delay in the sale of its existing premises. If this action were not taken, it could result in the purchase of the new commercial […]


Is It Worth Arranging An Open-Ended Commercial Bridging Loan?

If you are in the final throes of completing on the purchase of new commercial premises that may also involve the sale of your existing business property you will not want anything to delay either of the transactions. Regrettably, things don’t always run smoothly especially with a long chain below you. For instance, if your […]


Why Shop Around For Commercial Bridging Finance?

If you are considering applying for a commercial bridging loan, perhaps because the sale of your existing business premises has been delayed, you will wish to obtain the most competitive deal that you can. By doing so, you will hopefully end up paying less in interest and fees. Rather surprisingly, not enough business owners bother […]


Where Can You Source A Bridging Loan?

If you are looking for bridging finance for a commercial venture such as to purchase a new property to be occupied by your business pending the sale proceeds of your existing premises coming to fruition then you are likely to require a speedy decision and the funds to be promptly released. So, where can you […]