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You are probably aware that there are numerous commercial lending schemes available so it is important that the correct one is chosen to meet the needs of your business. In this respect, in this section of our website, you will find information about a number of lending schemes that we trust you find of benefit.

So, if you are looking to purchase some commercial premises with the help of a commercial mortgage or invest in new machinery supported by a business loan you have started your search in the right place.

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Time Taken To Complete On Bridging Loan A Priority

United Trust Bank has revealed the results of a Broker Sentiment Poll of in excess of 100 commercial brokers relating to certain aspects of bridging loans that makes for interesting reading. Below we highlight some of the findings. The number one priority of 44% of brokers for their customers is the time taken to process […]


Is A Bridging Loan The Best Option For Short Term Finance?

There are numerous lending products for businesses these days with some being offered by the major clearing banks here in the UK but there are also many other sources of such finance such as peer-to-peer lending. There are so many factors that need to be considered when deciding which is the most suitable short-term lending […]


Q3 2016 Sees Slight Net Increase In Borrowing By SMEs

According to data produced by the British Bankers Association (BBA), overall net lending to SMEs in the third quarter of 2016 grew by £0.5 billion. Although this was only a modest increase it was still pleasing to see. The total amount of borrowing to SMEs amounted to £108.5 billion as at the 30 September 2016. […]


Why Does A Lender Charge An Arrangement Fee?

If you are applying for certain types of borrowing, the bank, building society or other lender will often charge an arrangement fee and may charge other fees as well. So, why does a lender make you pay an arrangement fee as well as charge you interest on the amount you borrow? Well, the arrangement fee […]


Why Interest Rates Are Higher On Bridging Finance

You will be aware that if you wish to borrow money from the likes of a bank or building society, whether it is for the likes of a bridging loan or a commercial mortgage, then you will be charged interest. The interest rate is based upon a variety of factors such as what you require […]