Pension Specialists Portafina End 2018 on a High

Across the financial sector, there are a wealth of businesses who work tirelessly to provide individuals with advice regarding all aspects of their financial future. One such inspiring company is Portafina. Established in 2009, they have hit the ground running, experiencing an incredible level of success. After a year of triumph, one notable highlight of 2018 for Portafina is their inclusion on three reputable lists, as outlined below.

MegaGrowth Top 50 List

There’s no denying that the experts at Portafina have made a significant impact in their home county of Kent. Due to this, they earned a place on the MegaGrowth Top 50 list, which is orchestrated by KM Media Group, a media outlet that has been providing news and entertainment to Kent County for the past 150 years. Specifically, Portafina has been named in Kent’s fastest growing privately owned company list for 2018. The list is determined by three core factors which include business growth, turnover over the past three years, and turnover today. What’s more, Portafina beat renowned companies such as Pro-Force and G K R Logistics.

FT Future 100 List

In addition to being featured on KM Media Group’s sought-after list, the internationally renowned Financial Times also noticed their contributions to the financial sector. Firstly, Portafina was featured on FT Future 100 List in October as a result to their commitment to diversity and their incredible use of technology. Although technology is necessary to help push modern day companies forward, what truly sets Portafina apart from the competition is that they strive to go to exceptional lengths to ensure every client is treated fairly and understands their approach to the finance industry.

Financial Times Adviser Top 100 List

Their third major achievement this year was being selected for the Financial Times Adviser Top 100, an incredibly prestigious list to be featured on! Every year, the Financial Times seeks out the leading financial advisers across the UK and analyses their performances. Each company is then ranked on large amounts of data received from Strategic Insight. Portafina is featured as one of the leaders on this list.

What’s Next?

After a year filled with incredible success, Portafina wants to give back and help future financial professionals. They’ve done so by designing and developing a dedicated website to educate others in the field on how they work and operate. For Portafina, a personal approach and helping other people is extremely important to them. According to Jamie Smith-Thompson, Managing Director at Portafina:

At Portafina, we enjoy helping other people, that’s the core factor to our hiring policy.

The company pride themselves on taking a frank and friendly approach when it comes to helping other professionals. What’s more, they are looking for individuals who are team players and have a right attitude and a positive mindset. Those looking for opportunities in such a company can visit Portafina’s job site today.

There’s never been a better time to join Portafina; they’re rapidly expanding and receiving international exposure as a result. You can follow Portafina on Twitter to learn about career opportunities that may arise. Additionally, take a look at Portafina Youtube, Portafina Linkedln and Portafina’s Facebook page too to stay up to date.

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