Huge Increase In Office Rents Forecast For Croydon

Those property developers considering investing in commercial property with a view to generating investment income from rentals may be interested to read what Savills are forecasting may happen to office accommodation rental income in Croydon over the next couple of years.

Rental income on office properties in Croydon is forecast to rise a lot in the next 24 months
It is predicted that rental income on office accommodation in Croydon will increase by a large % in the next 2 years

It is their opinion that office rental income is set to increase by as much as 63% over the next 24 months. That is a very large increase. Currently average office rentals in Croydon are £263 per square metre (£24.50 per square foot) but this could rise to as much as £430 per square metre (£40 per square foot).

According to Savills, this rise would be the biggest of its kind in the UK mature property market.

Apparently, over the last couple of years, there have been a lot of new offices built in Croydon with more to come next year. The rental cost of office accommodation in Croydon is still a considerable amount less than in Central London so it is forecast that interest in such accommodation in Croydon is likely to increase.

Whilst there is no guarantee that such an increase will be seen as so many factors can affect such things it is certainly something that some property developers may wish to research further.

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