Housebuilder Sees Big Rise In Sale Price Of Its Homes

If you are a property developer who may or may not be seeking development finance, you are likely to be interested in knowing that one of the UK’s major housebuilders has seen a large increase in the price at which it is selling its new homes.

Property developers may be interested to read that Bellway Homes has seen the average price of its homes increase significantly in recent months
Bellway Homes ltd has seen the average selling price of its homes rise significantly in recent months

The average selling price of a Bellway Homes Ltd property is now £257,000. This is an increase of 17% in the space of 6 months to the 31st January 2016.

There was also a big increase in the number of houses sold by the company in the 12 months to January 2016 in comparison to the same period in 2015. Completions totalled 4,188 with this being an increase of 11.6%.

The company has also invested more in land so this should help the company continue to progress as it hopefully builds even more houses in the future. The incentives introduced by the Government will no doubt also help more houses to be built and sold.

If you are a property developer, perhaps looking to expand your business by building more new homes, then you may well require funding to help achieve this. One way of raising monies is by way of development finance. These monies could be used towards the likes of the development costs of the building site as well as the building costs.

There are many providers of development finance potentially at your disposal. You could approach your existing bank that is what many people choose to do or you could do your own research in trying to find a competitive development finance package perhaps by using the Internet. In addition to banks and building societies there are also a number of specialist lenders that provide such finance. Alternatively, through our website, you could be put in touch with a broker that has a considerable amount of experience in helping clients source and arrange competitive development finance packages with a vast number of lenders at their disposal.

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